Franco Eleuteri & Associates - FE&A

Knowledge built from the participation of projects on an international basis, across numerous industry sectors, enables it to assist its clients and in the planning, development, and implementation of solutions which meet their specific needs. This has included projects in North and South America, Japan, Asia, Australasia, Northern and Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

Franco Eleuteri & Associates was established in 2004 as a "boutique" organization with a focus on providing specialist services in the fields of:

  • Management Consulting
  • Project Development
  • Planning
  • Project Implementation

This involves it in providing services ranging from limited planning or review assignments to more comprehensive consulting and engineering tasks.

As part of its work it typically assists in providing solutions, while bringing value derived from international experience in diverse market - sectors.

This is achieved as an independent entity or by working with partners as part of a project team.

The goal is to assist clients to develop and implement internationally competitive solutions which are financially viable, while providing a means for job creation and economic development.

This enables them to meet the challenges of the New World Economy while creating a sustainable environment.


  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT in the definition of facilities and techno parks for the development and commercialization of new products.

  • ADVANCED MANUFACTURING, incorporating just in time and balanced production, manufacture to order, postponement and modular manufacturing techniques.

  • DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS for the warehousing and transportation of product in the most cost effective manner, while using time critical and time definite modes of transportation.

  • MRO OPERATIONS including the line and heavy maintenance of aircraft.

  • TRANSPORTATION in the movement of passengers and freight, while using integrated multimodal transportation modes, remote processing and twinning techniques.

  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – communications and web based applications are providing broadband connectivity and the use of real time systems applications.

  • LOGISTIC GATEWAYS, INLAND DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS AND INLAND PORTS, as integral parts of the supply chain, providing countries or regions to compete as part of the Global Supply Chain.

  • SPECIAL - FREE TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL ZONES OR CITIES, which provide a unique environment for people to live and/or work and effectively participate as part of free world economy.

  • STRUCTURED FINANCE including the use of BOT, BOOT, concessions, and Public Private partnerships as a means to implement projects or programs, while being both financial and economically driven objectives.

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