Registered Professional Engineer
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 
Graduate Diploma Industrial Administration 

Master of Industrial Administration


Mr. Eleuteri has developed his expertise over 30 years working with major United States, European and Southern African corporations, while performing management consulting, planning, engineering, construction, and program management assignments.

This has involved him in working on assignments both with the private and public sectors in addition to participating in PPPs (Public Private Partnerships). In his work he has acquired firsthand experience and understanding of operating techniques, methods and business solutions in the American, European, Middle Eastern, African, Japanese and Asian environments.

Transportation and Logistics - Mr. Eleuteri has undertaken assignments at such transportation hubs as the Kansai, Incheon, Hong Kong, O’Hare , Dallas / Fort Worth, Brussels-Leeuven and John F. Kennedy airports, in addition to major seaport and inland ports worldwide. This involved the development of facilities and the land/sea/air transportation solutions, for such Clients as ; Union Pacific, Federal Express, DHL, TNT, CSX, Japan, Northwest, Qantas and Malaysia Airlines, Polar-Atlas and Air Canada. He is further a leader in the creation of Special Economic Zones, Industrial Cities, Logistics Gateways, Inland Ports and Transportation Networks in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, including:

  • The definition of the  Competitive Strategy and Master Plan for Hong Kong as an International and Regional Transportation and Logistics Hub

  • The planning of the Navi Mumbai SEZ, in India as a Logistics Gateway and Multifunctionopolis

  • The planning  of the Dube Tradeport in KwaZulu –Natal, South Africa in addition to the Tambo Springs Logistics Gateway and Inland Port.

Multifunctional and Master Planned Environments -     
Mr. Eleuteri has been involved in numerous master developments, examples of which include:
Greater Paulding Forest, a satellite city and self sustainable development adjoining a wild life conservation area as a 20,000 acre planned living, working and recreation environment. This project was recognized by the United States Department of Commerce for the annual award “Excellence for Innovation in Economic Development".

The Kaesong New Industrial City and Special Economic Zone adjoining the DMZ in Korea as a landmark project which is part of the reunification initiative.

The Shanghai Lingang Global Tradeport as a 2,700 hectare logistics park adjoining the new deep water Yangshan Port with a capability of 25 million TEUs p.a. 

The Dube trade port and Inyaninga Industrial Logistics Park as an integrated road, rail, sea, air solution.

Manufacturing – Research and Development - Mr. Eleuteri has further focused on the development and implementation of advanced facilities while considering operational, organisational, and business issues.   This involves product development, commercialization, manufacturing and distribution.  It further incorporates; focused factory, flexible manufacturing, just-in-time, postponed manufacturing and manufacture-to-order techniques, together with cross technology applications derived from this expertise in the fields of:

  • Research and Development

  • Automotive Production

  • General Manufacturing and Logistics

  • Aviation and Aerospace

  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmnetics

  • Agro Industry- Food

  • Information Technology and Data Processing

Projects completed in the field of advanced manufacturing include work for major major MultiNational Corporations such as: Boeing - McDonnell Douglas, General Dynamics, Hyundai, General Electric, Lockheed, General Motors, Ford, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Sunbeam-Oster, Alcon Labs (Nestle) and Iffa-Merrieux, Chromalloy, Dynamit Nobel Silicon.

Aviation and Aerospace - Mr Eleuteri’s activities include a focus on passenger and freight handling together with aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and support. Specific projects include:  

  • Passenger terminals, with remote processing functions

  • Aircargo and ground support facilities, flight kitchens

  • Multimodal I platforms including freight focused airports

  • Aircraft manufacturing and assembly plants

  • Composites manufacturing facilities

  • Line and Heavy maintenance hangars

  • Engine and Component Shops

This is in addition, to numerous initiatives focused on creating a world class aircraft maintenance environment. Clients served in this field include, Air Canada, American Airlines, Air New Zealand, United Airlines, Northwest/Delta, Air Transat, Air Methods, Qantas, and Malaysia Airlines.

Financing and Offset Programs
 – A part of his work, Mr. Eleuteri has been involved in the development of strategies for structured finance, including offset (countertrade) programmes. This in addition to participating in BOT, BOOT and PPP (Public - Private - Partnership) initiatives.

Photography by Claire Giroux: clairegiroux.com