The development and implementation of a solution as part of the built environment must consider the issues of:

  • Overall objective and requirements
  • Development strategy and scope
  • Cost and schedule implications
  • The overarching methodology and approach

The project methodology needs to define the functional needs and requirements as part of an integrated process while considering such issues as; operational needs, inbound/outbound logistics, resource provisioning, staffing and business considerations. 

These issues together with site related issues need to be considered while seeking areas for productivity improvement, incorporating an analysis of competing ventures and applicable technologies.

An evaluation of the alternatives enables the definition of the preferred option and brief.

This provides a control document for the further development of the project while meeting overall goals. 


The challenges in the redevelopment of an existing facility or a greenfield solution are both in the creation of the optimum facility or built solution and addressing the organizational or behavioral issues.

The overall project vision and objectives should be made apparent to the participants and stakeholders. 

As an example in the development of an aircraft maintenance hangar typical objectives would be:

  • Support of the front line
  • Hangar focused
  • Point of use delivery
  • Visual management
  • Collaborative environment
  • Improved assets utilization

Invariable the greatest challenge is the management of change where personnel have worked with a traditional or legacy environment and need to adopt a new model.

Resistance to change, in terms of seeking to maintain old work practices must be addressed in order to achieve the required productivity improvements.

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